Les Lumières de Paris
Institut International

Hong Kong Chapter

Les Lumières de Paris
Institut International

Hong Kong Chapter

About Us

HK Chapter

The Hong Kong chapter is the first overseas chapter established with the aim to be followed by the rest of the key cities in mainland and rest of Asia 

Founded in January 2018, Les Lumières de Paris - Institut International is an independent organization that brings together a college of personalities whose vocation is to contribute to the dissemination of the image of Paris, both in France and abroad.

It is placed under the honorary presidency of Catherine Dumas , Senator of Paris and Vice-president of the Committee for Culture, Education and Communication and is chaired by Jean-François Legaret, Regional Councilor of Ile -of France.

Alongside them, we note the presence of Alain Malraux , Vice-President in charge of Heritage; Laurent de Gaulle , Vice-President in charge of Cultural Affairs and Image of Paris; Olivier de Tilière, Vice-President in charge of International Affairs; Alain Caradeuc, Secretary General and Pauline Wirth du Verger, Communication Officer.

The Institut Les Lumières de Paris intends, in particular, to highlight Paris through its heritage, its crafts, creation and excellence, its tourism and, in general, to underline everything which helps promote the specificities of internationally recognized know-how.

It also intervenes through the organization of events, conferences or awards ceremonies , in partnership with major witnesses and renowned experts, to provide its analyzes, experiences and skills, in order to define, through direct actions, the issues and perspectives on which it is already necessary to work.

  • Same with our headquarters in Paris, our HK chapter is formed on a non-political and non-commercial basis.
  • The mission of our institute is to promote:
(i) friendship and
(ii) cultural exchange between the two major cities- Hong Kong SAR of China and Paris of  France through the discovery of what the best of Pariscan offer.


Our Platform

Arts &

Craftsmanship & Luxury Know-how

Design & Architecture

Gastronomy & Wine

Heritage / Family Legacy


The nature of our institute is to remain rather exclusive, cultural and elegant. The platform entails two-way visits between Paris, and of course other parts of France can be included, complimented by many exclusive local French activities in Hong Kong.